Salon Financial Management
Designed For Salon Owners
Our Two Day Course will up skill Your Business Education. You’ll learn the meaning of all that confusing business jargon and become the empowered Salon Owner you're meant to be. 
You’ll gain control of your Profit & Loss statements, Master Budgets/Forecasts, gain full control of your Stock, learn to marry the financial realities of your business to Staff Performance levels. And finally MAKE A PROFIT!
✓  Take Control of Your Salon Finances
✓  Master Your Stock Control
✓ Learn to Price Profitably
Salon Management
Made for Salon Managers & Owners
Built For Salon Managers
Salon Managers are employed to help run a Successful Salon.This is a highly skilled job that requires a Top Professional in the role with Top Training to be Successful. For a skilled Salon Owner the Salon Manager forms a critical piece of the Management Team. In this two day course  we'll unpack the role of a Salon Manager and up skill you into a Professional Position to run a Salon Professionally with Best Practice Systems that Work - as PROVEN in our SALONS EVERYDAY.
 ✓ Salon Automation and Systemisation
 ✓ Performance Management for Teams & Stylists
 ✓ Upholding Salon Standards and Values
Digital Marketing Essentials
for Salons
Bootcamp For Digital Marketing
Built For Salon Marketeers
Salon Marketing isn't the way was in the 'good old days'. The days of face to face word of mouth has been replaced by a barrage of images, video, offers, deals and reviews that are constantly competing for your clients attention and dollars.
Digital  Marketing is not going away... but the salon's that don't get their Digital Game on are going away - fast! This is one area that no business owner afford to ignore.
 ✓ Understanding the Digital Eco System
 ✓ Social Media Advertising
 ✓ Websites That Convert to Sales
23rd & 24th Sept - Melbourne

Sheree Knobel, 
Bixie Colour. 

 "I enjoyed this seminar so much that I did it twice! There is an incredible amount of information to take in. Information that makes your salon run better AND increases $$$ 
It helped me see where the gaps were in my business and opened my eyes up to missed opportunities. 
Something I think I would not have discovered until I had been in business for YEARS & YEARS. My team have responded positively and over all it's been WIN WIN WIN ⭐️
Thankyou Keeley's for sharing. ❤️❤️"🙌🏻

 Mel Corthine, Owner/Director, 
Stevie English Hair.

"This course opened my eyes to so many things I had not been doing in my business. As a salon owner of 10 years, it was essential learning for me and I would recommend it to anyone in the industry, no matter the size or age of the business. I now have a firm grasp on all of the numbers and have eliminated the guesswork. My new skills have already saved me thousands of dollars and will increase my future earnings. The class is solid gold. Do it!"

Trudy Petith, 
Owner at About Face Hair + Make-up + Skin Spa.

 "I loved this course. I loved that we actually worked on our own business in the course, not just examples. And I loved the support and personalized guidance to implement the changes. I’m still making changes. So much content but so beneficial. I would actually love to sit in again as I’m sure I missed some great stuff because it was so jam packed! I can honestly say we increased our revenue by 30% and I know this as we learnt how to measure it all. One of the best investments I have ever made."
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